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Bohemian inspired Multi Themed & Multi Brand Co Habitat

A Beautiful Day is an all day multi-theme Spaces café and bar – an ideal hideaway nook to burrow in during the week and laze your weekend away in quiet bliss, tucked away in the Eastern finance and tech hub, Changi Business Park with the natural beauty of colors, flowers and plants to create a free-spirited vibe. From a crowded room bursting with color and patterns, to a toned-down exotic feel, we create different zones within the tenanted space to give consumers a fresh, fun and uncongenial F&B experience.

The interior concept and décor were all designed and put together by Co founder Tracy, with special care and thoughts given to create various dedicated yet seamless spaces within the café vicinity. This includes a ladies-only floral theme “Pink Sugar” corner, a Safari theme dining area, a homey and cosy “living room”, and Oasis Beer Garden outdoor.

The 140-seater café (80 indoors and 60 outdoors) serves home-styled, heartfelt all-day brunch fares, as well as mains, in a cosy, homey, and calming ambience. As the day draws to a close, the café picks up the tempo to welcome patrons looking for a place for drinks and dinner.

Together with our modern Indo-Chinese cuisine, Instagram worthy Café Food, PAIRING with Artisan Flower Teas & Cocktails , Wine & Beer, as well as quality Specialty Coffee, PLUS curated entertainment vibe, we have an ALL DAY & NIGHT RESORT VIBE DINING + WORKATION unique concept and offer. Specially curated to become an iconic landmark that serves BOTH the patrons from the neighbouring vicinity as well as all around Singapore for their Instagram pleasure.

The sight, sounds and smells combine to bring a sense of rustic nostalgia, provide a cocoon of escape, and create a picture-perfect oasis of respite from the concrete jungle that the busy Instagram-generation will appreciate.


Instagram Worthy Ambience

Multi-themed Zones changes with the season


BOHO Alfresco Reimagine

Recreating Destination Alfresco experience


Modern Indo Chinese Cuisine & Cocktails

via our colloborative business Model

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