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About OSG


OSG Bar + Kitchen

OSG is a music restaurant bar with a corporate mission of Spreading Love through Our Simple act of Goodness-one dish,one glass and one song at a time.
We offer modern Indo-Chinese Cuisine with a local twist,a wide range of whisky,wine and sake,live music and Open Mic nights.Through our hospitality ,music and our own survival story,we hope to bail people out of stress,pain,and problems in their lives

Vision and Mission

What we hope to be stages of your OSG Bar experience -I am here.I am tired.I am better.I can leave now…
What makes OSG unique besides being a one-stop food,drinks and live music venue is that we aspire to use entertainment to be therapy for your soul.
预约解忧-Be it a listening ear or some advice in life….talk to our staff or drop a note in our mailbox at the venue and make an appointment with us to rid yourself of your worries…
OSG has evolved and grown since birth.We listen to our customer valued feedback and allow that to guide our evolution.We are constantly looking to improve and strive to meet your needs,standards,and expectations.We are eternally grateful to you,our loyal supporters,for your patronage and cherish the new friendships we have made along the way.We appreciate not just your presence,but also your smiles and the stories you share.
Looking forward, we hope to garner your continuous support and love for our establishment, as we promise to do the same, to infuse OSG with all our heart and for you. Thank you. For, without you, we will not be what we are today. We are OSG, Our Simple goodness, for Love, for You.

The 7 Breakthroughs Of OSG

Wondering why our promotion has such unique names? Here is the inspiration behind every promotion. Can we do this? For Non-Chinese savvy:

仁 ( rén ) – Kindness
We learn the meaning of benevolence through legendary mixologist Anothony Zhong’s Gin Cocktails.

义 ( yì ) – Righteousness
Without the love and support for Taipan Brothers, UBS, Paypal, and our supplier Maybev, we would not have been able to survive till today. Thank you for loving us through the Whisky.

礼 ( lı ̌) – Recognition & Respect
Alethea and her friends from Starwood taught us that hospitality is all about recognition and respect through their love for Vodka.

智 ( zhì ) – Wisdom
One of our regulars, Sean, shared with us business wisdom through the love of Martell and Cognac.

信 ( xìn ) – Faith
It was because of Whisler’s and Christine’s faith in us, that gave us the ability to improve our wine offerings for you.



Cloud Kitchen & Space +

A continuing evolved business model started off by Zach Wen 5 years ago at Suntec City where by a kitchen is serving BOTH the purpose of on-premise dining experience, as well as takeaway business via time sharing model: ie fully utilizing the kitchen during different time phase of the day in order to maximize the space utility

Another special of OSG is the flexible On Premise Sharing, where the space transform itself into different themes through out the day to suite the different occasions : Café, Executive Lunch, Events, Beer & Whisky Bar, Live House, KTV Room.

Through years of experimenting with different F&B concepts at OSG Suntec by launching and innovating behind different brands, Zach has combined Cloud Kitchen ideas & Co-share-space solutions to maximize not just the utilities of the Kitchen, but also the ON Location F&B experience. This has resulted in the both the outlet space as well as the kitchen running FULL capacity and FULL house BOTH day and NIGHT which translating in close to 300% sales growth since opening


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